I wasn’t sure exactly what I would find in this book. It seems that most of the “self-help” books I’ve read about dealing with childhood trauma were very dry and frankly didn’t help at all. To be perfectly honest, I almost skipped over this book. Something made me keep coming back to it, and I am so grateful that I did finally pick it up.


Often, these kinds of books are written by people who have never had to experience any kind of abuse themselves. Here is an exception. In Gift of the Dreamtime the reader is immediately confronted with the author’s story, her memories of her past pain. You quickly become so deeply immersed that it’s impossible to put the book down until you have finished the last page.


This amazing book takes you along with the author as she works towards dealing with and letting go of her past. She describes in great detail her own shamanic journey through her psyche and the horrors of her past until reaching a place of healing. With the help of her guides, she explores the one question survivors always ask, “Why me?”


This is a truly inspiring book. Although it deals with surviving incest, her message and incredible story is relevant to survivors of any kind of abuse. It is incredibly moving, and I guarantee you won’t have a dry eye when you finish reading this truly amazing story.  I absolutely recommend Gift of the Dreamtime to anyone, especially those working to overcome their own traumas.


~review by Jennifer Erwin
Author: S. Kelley Harrell
Spilled Candy Books, 2004
pp. 146, $14.95