One of the things I really liked about this book was that the authors are a Mother and Daughter duo. The writing was inviting, comforting and humorous at times. The book felt relatable and easy to understand especially for those who are new to the concepts of holistic and natural living. The authors provide anecdotes from living in a 1770 Connecticut farmhouse that is quite entertaining. While most readers might not have the privilege of living in such an amazing space, the authors do a great job of providing ways to make your sacred space a natural earth friendly environment regardless of what you have.


The book breaks down in to two main parts. In Part One: Health and Wellness the six chapters include Fire Cider and other Germ-Fighting concoctions, the Bare Bones, Feverishly Fermenting, Herbal Infusions, Healthful Decadence: Liqueurs and chocolates and Grounded Goodwife Pantry Essentials. The chapters are delightfully filled with stories from the authors’ experiences followed by recipes and directions for remedies. The recipes are easy to understand with great directions for easy implementation.


The second part of the book focuses on Natural Body Care. The chapters in part two include Facial Care, Herbal Shampoo and hair Rinse, Unwinding, Perfumes and Scents, Energy Cleansing and additional pantry essentials. Just like in part one, the authors provide stories and experiences and follow up with amazing holistic recipes.


For anyone who has been searching for a guide on living more holistically and natural wellness, this book is for you! The recipes alone make the book worthy of a place on the bookshelf and can be referenced over and over. I especially recommend for those who love the idea of DIY products and natural living.


~review by Amber Barnes


Author: Ehris Urban & Velya Jancz-Urban
Llewellyn Publications, 2021
pp. 312, $19.99