Healing Body Meditations combines the scientifically proven power of meditation with symbolic art to create an unusual method for creating self-transformation. There are 30 mandalas in all, organized by their connection to one of the seven chakrass. The images, or mandalas, promote a connection between the inner and outer selves through focused meditation.

Here is an example:

"The solar plexus chakra meditation takes its strength from the sun - hence the yellow colouring of this mandala. By drawing solar energy into yourself, and activating the chakra, you can access creative passion and summon the will power to take transformative action and rise to any challenges.

Sit comfortably with the Solar Plexus Chakra Mandala in front of you.

Empty your conscious mind of worries and preoccupations and turn your attention to the rise and fall of your breathing. Inhale and exhale slowly. Be aware of yourself becoming more relaxed with each in-breath and, with each outbreath, moving deeper into awareness.

Now turn your relaxed attention to the mandala. Run your gaze over the main features of the mandala image, starting with the outer frame and working inwards. Contemplate the ten lotus petals, then within them the inverted triangle with its T-shaped appendages (comprising an ancient sun symbol), and then the central glyph, which summarizes the chakra’s essence: the core self, which is the source of our will power and action.

Think of the symbolism of the mandala: the lotus representing sacred life emerging out of the physical body, and the inverted triangle, meaning self-development or inner blossoming. Think, too, of the colour yellow representing the life-giving power of the sun. It is this, as well as any rain (figuratively speaking) that falls into your life, that enables that inner blossoming to take place.

Imagine the colour yellow suffusing this chakra as a limitless outpouring of solar energy. Picture that energy as an envelope of power not only in your mind but all around you - including under your feet where you sit. With your mind draw that power up into the solar plexus chakra just above your navel and below your rib cage, where it rotates clockwise. Picture that rotation within yourself. You have used the mandala to flood yourself with an energizing, healing tonic.

Know that this healing tonic will provide you with the strength to convert your potential into effective action. You are equipped to make any internal or external changes you deem necessary, and to respond well to any challenges that come your way.

As your gaze penetrates the root chakra symbol, imagine that the energy in your solar plexus chakra is flowering within you, in a process fuelled by your inner sun as well as the sun above. The inverted triangle is a route map for creativity. The flowering is also a blaze of passion - the “fire in your belly”.

Feel creative passion filling you, and in particular giving strength to your digestive system, with which this chakra is closely connected. Relish this state of passionate engagement. When ready, take your attention back to the mandala."

Overall, I found the concept intriguing and have enjoyed working through several of the images. It's a slow process! The images have been specially designed to concentrate our minds on the essentials and thereby connect to our own bodies. They are not, for the most part, traditional in their imagery. Instead the images focus on a particular body part. (See the images, Legs, below, for an example.)

An introduction to the book has been posted to YouTube and gives a deeper sense of the imagery and process for healing that the authors have created. You can see the video, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGc8GtorPGw.

In a world filled with symbols, usually targeted at us to buy buy buy, having a positive foundation for healing is truly wonderful. Highly recommended!

Author: Mike Annesley
Findhorn Press, 2019
pp. 160, $19.99