Inside-Out Healing is a wonderful, life transforming book which takes the reader through a journey of themselves and their lives.  Throughout its 250 pages, Moss includes thought exercises, anonymous stories from his patients, thought provoking worksheets and references for such things as statistics.

When I first started reading this book, I found my ways of thinking after just the first couple chapters.  However, I found it difficult to adapt to Dr. Moss’ way of writing; which is to use smaller words so those without extensive education can more easily understand what he’s trying to get across.  This leads to having to read several smaller words, but indeed does aid the reader in better understanding his point. 

Using several examples interspersed with explanations Moss helps us understand why we have negative thought patterns, why we circulate in unhealthy if not self destructive spirals and how we can slowly begin to change those negative thought patterns.  Dr. Moss gives us ideas and stories and helps us work through these negative patterns using the power of presence, while at the same time letting us know that it is okay to be in this place and that we are not bad people for needing help.

I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to take control over their thoughts, to get help in book form and also in a realistic, working-though-it fashion.  Moss is down to Earth and talks as if all his readers are real people.  Inside-Out Healing is a great book that does just that; helps us heal ourselves from the inside-out.

~reviewed by Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Richard Moss, MD
Hay House Publishing, 2011
pp.254, $15.95