The Journey to Radiant Health is a new age vision of attaining optimum health through a balance of the mental, emotional and physical bodies. This book is a textbook for achieving Radiant Health, which the author defines as “the supreme state of health and well-being that is produced by living in the heart of love, at one with Spirit”. When we perceive mind/body/spirit as separate entities, we are more likely to suffer from dis-ease.


Mr. Key presents a triangle of Radiant Health: Emotional Body (feminine) Mental Body (masculine) and Physical Body (Divine Child) that when balanced, allow for Radiant Health. He breaks each body down in great detail, as to where dis-ease may arise, and how to alleviate it.


Prema Scott Key has included such a wide array of information, that at times I lost the overall concept. The book presents an enormous amount of information which is very difficult to cover in one book. This is very much a textbook-type of book. Chapter exercises include conscious breathing, prayer and meditation, as well as action-oriented activities, designed to help the reader implement each concept.  The appendix contains very useful information on Chakras, Meridians, crystal and herbal correspondences.


I think there are points of value in this book; the exercises are very good and the conscious breathing information is important, but I would recommend it mostly to people who’ve had some experience with alternative healing practices.


~review by Karen Phillippi

Author: Prema Scott Key

Celestial Arts, 2003

pp. 394, $16.95 US