The concept of karma has a lot of permutations, depending on the person’s religious and/or philosophical background and perspective. In Karmic Healing the concept is based on the idea that consequences for our actions are not always present in our current life, but are ‘carried over’ to our next life. We can only control what we do – and how we react – in the now.

In Karmic Healing, the reader is given a clear, four-step plan to recognize how these consequences are manifesting within our lives. First, pinpoint the issues; second, recall your past lives; third, reprogram the negative patterns into positive ones; finally, reinforce (using flower essences) your new attitudes and behaviors.

I found the writing clear, and the techniques simple to do – but very powerful. For many people, a single issue will take a lot of energy to recognize and deal with if they are working alone. I urge the reader to be gentle with her/himself and not try to get it all worked out in a specific (or short) period of time.

Highly recommended.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Djuna Wojton

Crossing Press, 2006

pp. 222, $16.95