Light Therapies by Anadi Martel explores the vibrational nature of light and how it plays a role in energy medicine. Martel begins with the history of sun worship in ancient times and how it has associated with healing. However, now researchers are beginning to understand how the light spectrum such as infrared and ultraviolet can affect the human in body and mind.

This book is not for those looking for a simple read. It’s complex and fascinating, but truly dives head first into the scientific research of light therapy.

The first section covers the Origin of Light Therapy. He takes on a fascinating stroll through history starting in the 1800’s and the work and research that was being done. In part two, the reader follows Light’s influence on health. Martel discusses not only vision, but phototherapy, risks of artificial light, the importance of natural light to improving your relationship to light. The chapters are well written with scientific research and study but won’t be for everyone. At times, I had a hard time following (and even re-read certain sections), but the overall message was fascinating. For those in the medical field and healing work, this is a book I’d recommend.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Anadi Martel
Healing Arts Press, 2018
pp. 384, $24.99