I feel like I would have to write a book myself to tell about all the information this one   contains.    Ms. Conway    takes    us through aura healing, discussing (he nine lay­ers of the aura she dis­covered in her studies and links those layers to chakras. She teaches that knowing about our auras and Universal energy are vital parts of magickal healing.


There are directions on how to align chakras, colors, stones and areas of the body as well as the disorders associated with each chakra (note: Ms. Conway uses eleven chakras, rather than the more com­mon seven). She gives three methods for working with our chakras. She teaches healing by repairing the aura and balanc­ing the chakras, attributing disease and even accidents to breaks in or weakening of the aura.


She also covers many other areas of healing including the use of chants, man­tras, gem elixirs, color light healing and visualization and affirmations. She elabo­rates on steps using visualizations that are not commonly found in other books and articles. This book includes a particularly good chapter on amulets and talismans, and targets diet, herbal supplements, acu­puncture and exercise. The appendix of this book has lists of chakra stones, magickal uses of colors as well as a list of product suppliers.


Throughout the Little Book, Ms. Conway gives us the benefit of her own personal experience and quite happily sug­gests her readers adapt these methods to conform to their own spiritual beliefs. I found this book handy to have around as a reference and small enough to carry in a purse easily. I highly recommend it.


~review by Jae

Author: D.J. Conway

The Crossing Press 2002

195 pp., $9.95