Whether you are a novice or experienced dowsing user, there is something for everyone in the book of Pendulum Healing. The appendix alone is worth getting the book with 30 intuitive healing charts. The author Joan Rose Staffen gives us an introduction and her own backstory of how she found this path. She suffered losses and struggled against her own addictions that all led her to a new way of healing mind, body and soul. She recounts her own journey to healing and using the pendulum while providing the instructions for the reader to practice these techniques.

For me personally, the Tarot has been my go to. I have more decks than I care to admit out loud. However the pendulum has always intrigued me. I have bought them, I have made some, and my teenage daughter has a natural way with using the pendulum. I knew a little bit about them before the book but not much. After reading the book, I have come to realize just how powerful of a tool the pendulum can be. The author phrases this art best, “When dowsing, we are using our mind, body, and spirit, and a pendulum to access the hidden realm.”

The pendulum is a tool to guide us for answers outside our mundane realm. The book is written as a guidebook to help you learn how to use this new tool. She begins with some background and history while mixing in some client stories and experiences throughout. The author explains everything from where to buy one, (or consider making your own), when the right time to dowse is best for you, to meditations etc. She covers the basic techniques for how to hold the pendulum as well as testing and troubleshooting when you have issues.

Once you have gone thru the basics, next is the foundation charts. This is the section that breaks down each of the 30 charts and what they can be used for and how. This is a great resource, you will want to bookmark to return to time and again. The visual charts will be found in the back appendix, but this is a great way to go in depth to work with the various charts and where they can assist you. There are endless uses and ways to use the pendulum for your greatest and highest good.

I am excited to start using the pendulum with my daughter and finding out how to enrich my path even more. No matter where you are on your journey with sacred tools, if the pendulum is calling you, I’d recommend snagging a copy of this book!

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Joan Rose Staffen
Conari, 2019
pp. 240, $16.95