My initial reaction to this CD was that the title was weird – psychosomatic illness is literally “all in your head” (although it’s been expanded to included illness that derives solely from mental processes) and that has a pretty negative connotation. Cognitive dissonance from a title is not the best way to start out. I literally did not want to listen to the CD even though the premise was fascinating: scientifically designed music and spoken word combined to program your mind for optimum health.


The programming of the CD is awkward, there is a very long intro that would be better served by being read (perhaps as a booklet?) and the affirmations were repetitive, as well as being not quite on target for my life. (To be fair, this is a difficult thing to provide to a stranger, most people would do better to learn to do affirmations on their own.)


My main criticism is for the ‘scientifically designed music.’ It was not good. Very not good. The melodies were slightly dissonant and the overall mood was depressing. If this is healing music for the subsconcious, I don’t think the subconscious is a very happy place.


There are better ‘healing’ CDs out there and I recommend them over these, I’m sorry to say. Why sorry, because I think there is a need for programming the mind to produce healthy bodies, and I think Dr. Pert has a great insight and perspective – I just wish she’d found a better creative person to work with to bring it out.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Candace Pert, Ph.D.

Sounds True, 2007

59 minutes