The Healing Power of Fever, written by naturopath Chrisopher Vasey, is a book indispensable to any who are interested in health, healing, holistic healing practices or really, simply anyone interested in their own health.  Through two parts in his book; Understanding Fever and Controlling Fever, Vasey takes his readers through not only exactly what fever is, but why our body temperature rises and falls, how to take temperature, where to take it, what kinds of thermometers are best, and holistic treatments such as diet, herbal treatments and hydrotherapy.

The necessity of reading this book comes from Vasey's clear explanation of why fever is necessary.  How our body uses it to take care of itself, to heal, fight off infections and keep our organs in working condition.  He also ensures to site sources and has resources which add legitimacy to his claims.

The thing that really stood out to me about Vasey's book is that he worded it in ways that anyone can understand it.  You don't need a medical degree to comprehend the concepts put forth in The Healing Power of Fever.  Nor do you need one to implement his methods.  With simple tips such as ensuring to change the sheets when someone is bedridden and has a fever, drinking plenty of water and complementing treatments with things like herbal teas such as a white willow decoction his suggestions are easy to follow with ideas anyone can use in any lifestyle on any budget. 

Highly recommended, for anyone and everyone.

~ Review by: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Christopher Vasey, N.D.
Healing Arts Press, 2012
pp. 137 $12.95