Not only is this book a handy reference guide to gems, crystals and how to use them, but it is interesting as the author provides us with quite a bit of background on the use of stones around the world. Florence Megemont has been practicing lithotherapy, the use of gems and minerals to restore enzymatic function and energize spiritual development, since 1995 and her experience is clear.

In this book, she presents over seventy precious and semi-precious stones. There is a full color, 6X9 photo of each stone. Under each picture is the chemical composition, colors, where it can found, its hardness and density. Below that, she gives us the etymology, general characteristics, therapeutic uses and Zodiac correspondences of the stone.

Ms. Megemont uses the first few chapters in the book to relate the history of stones and how they are used by indigenous cultures.  She also shows us the many correlations of stones, including their mention in the Bible and religious symbolism. She provides further information on the vibratory pattern of stones and the art of lithotherapy.

Following the Stone Directory, we have excellent instructions on making gem elixirs, applying the stones therapeutically and gemstone care and maintenance. There is also a large section on learning about chakras and using stones in conjunction with each chakra. We learn about the energy-bearing rays of the colors of stones and how we might best use them to our advantage. The Zodiac section teaches us about the correspondences between stones and constellations and provides a list of the stones that can be helpful for people of each sign, as well as information as to how we can use each stone.

In part three of the book, the author has alphabetically listed common ailments and the stones that can be used to alleviate those ailments.

In the final chapter, we have information on spiritual care, including, among other topics, balancing the energetic body, becoming more caring and clarity. This area lists the stone for each concern, the chakra related to it, the colors, and the instructions on how to use the stones.

It is quick and easy to find the information one wants in this book. The pages are fairly thick and will stand up to a lot of “thumbing through”.  I’m happy to be able to include it in my reference library.


~review by Jae Napolitano

Author: Florence Megemont

Publisher:  Healing Arts Press, 2007

pp. 320, $24.95