I was eager to review this CD – there aren’t many singing bowl recordings made by women. After hearing this, I’d vote for a dozen more! Diáne Mandle is a teacher, therapist, and musician who does sound healing and energy balancing. Diáne’s masterfully mature performance is well worth acquiring for healing and ritual work.

If you haven’t experienced them before, singing bowls will rock your chakras! This CD features 6 tracks designed for meditation, massage, energy healing and relaxation. Mandle uses bowl voices in specific rhythmic patterns and tunings to create therapeutic sound harmonics to ease stress and restore a sense of well-being.

The sound of singing bowls affects the mind, body and soul and the environment at an intensely deep level. This isn’t a CD to pop into your car’s CD player (unless you’re planning on levitating your car). The music envelopes the listener in a tidal wave of monster bowl tones. Honestly, my chakras were sitting up and howling at the moon by the second track! The layers of overtones and harmonic frequencies are incredible.

This is a holistic concept album with a beginning-to-end narrative conducted by the singing bowls. The line-up of songs includes:
1. A Call to Silence
2. Enter Two Waters – From a Different World
3. Falling Still – Moving Toward Nothingness
4. Return to OM
5. Regrouping
6. Full Circle

These other-worldly metal voices are unlike western instruments in tone and harmony. If you’re extra sensitive, do the first play-through sitting down and relaxing to see how it affects you. It made me a bit woozy. My first play-through was a few days before Samhain, and those bowls poked holes in the veil! The neighborhood ghosts and spirits came to check it out. (I should have thought of that, duh.) This CD is like frikkin catnip for ghosts. Ghostnip?

This CD is great for meditation, Reiki and other forms of light and energy work, spell-casting, ritual work that involves evocation, séances, spirit entity, animal spirit and totemic connections, channeling, and other psychic/divinatory work. Mandle demonstrates an impressive level of control and finesse with the singing bowls. Highly recommended.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Diane Mandle
Sounds True, 2013
6 tracks, 60 minutes
CD $11.38