Myofascial pain refers to those deep-seated muscular pains that disrupt our lives, and on occasion our basic ability to sit and walk. Donna and Steven Finando address their holistic approach to treating these issues in this excellent reference. After establishing the foundations of their practice, from acupuncture and Chinese medicine to Western medical models, they lay out a book that identifies each body part, pain common to the area, and stretches that can relieve that pain.

The most valuable aspect of the book comes from its highly detailed illustrations, where the illustrator highlighted each body part discussed in red. This book is an excellent way to look for a stretch to relieve that specific ache or pain, and to understand that part of your body in relation to the muscular structure surrounding the area.


~review by Diana Rajchel
Authors: Donna and Steven Finando
Healing Arts Press, 2005
pp. 244 $19.95