For most of my life I’ve had beautiful hair – thick, healthy, and lots of it. It never bothered me that I starting getting silver strands when I turned 21. But when I went bald from chemotherapy I knew I was going to have to do something to help my hair re-grow. . . fast.

But I don’t do created chemicals; I prefer natural ways and means to manifest healthy hair. So Rogaine or Minoxidil products were not what I wanted. Some of the products I found made too-good-to-be-true promises and I couldn’t verify their efficacy outside of the manufacturer. Natural remedies I found included rubbing my scalp with olive oil, ingesting Horsetail, and taking a prenatal multivitamin. OK, I thought, but where do I get horsetail? And how much is a dose? And – well, I had a lot of questions I couldn’t get answered. 

Then, just a week before chemo started, I found what I’d been searching for: Sea-Chi Organics’ Leave-On Moisturizing Treatment & Hair Growth Formula. The formula is loaded with certified organic ingredients like Coltsfoot, Chickweed, Nettles, Horsetail, Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root, Comfrey Root, and Calendula blossoms. Jojoba seed, Borage, and Evening Primrose oils are blended with seaweed extract and Aloe Vera gel. Essential oil of Sweet Orange, Blood Orange, Rosemary, Verbone (sic), Vetiver, Lemon and Peppermint are also in this formula (WOW).

I was sold on the ingredients list alone.

Now for the results: I started using the Treatment when I noticed that my scalp had a ‘5 o’clock shadow’. I just took a finger full and rubbed it right into my scalp after a shower. It smelled great and made my scalp tingle a bit (that’s the peppermint, I bet). The next morning my scalp felt scruffy (you know, like a guy’s face when he is doing the ‘Karl Urban look’). I used the Treatment again the next day and then waited a day and then used it again. It didn’t take much to cover my whole scalp – the texture is very smooth and creamy without being oily or heavy.

Each day my scalp got darker and then after only a few days I had noticeable hair. My sweetie told me seriously that he felt he was watching my hair grow overnight. It seemed longer in the evening than it had been in the morning. He was traveling on business for almost a week and when he came back he could see a definite difference in the length of my hair. Now, normal hair growth is 0.5 inch per month, which is not inconsequential. Using Sea-Chi’s Treatment, I feel I have seen growth more like 0.75 inch in a month. That isn’t a ginormous increase, but it is significant.

It’s not just great at encouraging hair growth. Although I usually have an oily scalp, the sudden exposure to the elements (i.e., no protection from my hair) left it flaky and very dry. The Treatment cleared up the flakiness immediately and I think the antiseptic, stimulating properties of Kombucha Tea re just what my sluggish follicles are craving. Right now I’m using it every couple of days, and the difference is noticeable. When my hair grows out this will be perfect to use on the ends, which always take a beating just from being exposed to the elements so much.

I got my supply through the Isabella Catalog (, but it can be ordered direct from the manufacturer. Sea Chi says its products are made with LOVE and I must say that I love my Hair Growth Formula!

Sea-Chi Organics