Scott Cunningham and David Harrington spent nearly five years co-creating Spell Crafts: Creating Magickal Objects, and the care with which they worked shows in every page.  From re-creating ancient customs of wheat weaving to inventing modern forms of spell crafting, these gentlemen have given the reader a rich abundance of items to make to enhance our magickal abilities, and strength.

After reminding us what the 'true meaning of the word craft'' is, the reader is given a kind of crash course in magic.  What it is, how it works, and why it is that doing spell crafts will enhance any magic-doer's life., and finally how the magical effect can be maximized.  Perfect for the beginner, and yet not overly simplistic for the more advanced magical practitioner.

The authors collected projects from around the world -- primarily from Europe, America, and Mexico -- and present them to the reader in a clear, direct fashion.  The 'God's Eye' project took me back to my early days of school (although I think the nuns had a different view of the project than Mr. Cunningham or Harrington do!).  I also enjoyed being reminded of the 'hex' signs I remember from my visits in the Dutch countryside of Pennsylvania.

If a diagram would make the project easier to complete, then one is included, well-labeled and easy to follow.  The authors did an excellent job of describing in text how to do projects that are probably best shown in person.  I am not a very 'crafty' person, but was inspired by their 'Spell Boxes' to create one of my own for a friend.

Here are the instructions for making a Spell Box:

Spell Box
You will need:
a box, preferably of wood and fairly small, with a lid

On the night of the Full Moon, raise the box's lid.  Hold the box up to the North and say:
 By the powers of the Earth
Face East and say:
 By the Powers of the Air
Face South and say:
 By the Powers of the Fire
Face West and say:
 By the Powers of the Water

Return to the North and say:
 I empower this Spell Box
You are now a tool of magic.
Assist me in my transformations!

The box is now ready for use in spells of all types.  When not in use, wrap in plain white cotton cloth and store out of sight.  It should only be used in one rite at a time, but can be used for any positive magical change.

One of the thoughts that came to me as I read this book was that as we move further into the modern age, the ability to make physical things with our own hands and skill is becoming a lost art.  Where once every object on our homes, in our environments, was handmade we now look around and are hard pressed to find any object not created by machines. Spell Crafts has offered us an alternative, and I for one am pleased to recommend it highly.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author:  Scott Cunningham and David Harrington
Llewellyn Publications, 1993
pp. 200, $10.00