UFO Hunters rejoice! The latest MUFON book gives the scoop on the hottest and best places to visit for a UFO road trip. The book contains thirty-five hotspots of UFO related locations.

Part One of the book is covering Legendary UFO Incident locations such as: Giant Rock and the Integraton, Bradshaw Ranch, Socorro, Aurora and Roswell, Valiant Thor and Orthon, Hudson River Valley and Pine Bush, the abduction of Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson, ECETI Ranch, the abduction of Travis Walton, Falcon Lake and Shag Harbor. The chapters will cover the history of when and what happened as well as the location. The author also provides some suggested Things To Do in each chapter for the area. Included in each location is also some area contacts and sources behind the information. Readers will also find images and illustrations that help highlight this cool spots. There is so much information and background on each location to help the UFO traveler decide where to look next!

Part Two of the book centers on More Great UFO Destinations such as New England, Eastern US, The Southeast, Western US, The Southwest, The West Coast, and Canada. At the end of the book there is also some great suggestions for UFO tourists, UFO conventions, festivals and UFO Information. Each chapter in Part Two is similar to the first half in where there is great history, backstory, with the suggestions on things to do, contacts and more. One of my favorites in The Mothman in Mount Pleasant. I have always wanted to visit and love the suggestions from the author on what to see and do. Some entries must creep into cryptozoology, however we do not know the true origins of these paranormal beings so it is possible they are not from earth!

There is so much in this book for the US traveler to wander and explore the extraterrestrial experiences and locations. I definitely recommend for anyone who wants to take a tour of the US with the added flair of fascinating UFO Hotspots!

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Craig Campobasso
MUFON, 2022
pp. 240, $18.95