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I don't often get product samples sent to me, which is a shame because there are many lovely items available from talented craftspeople that don't get much notice, if any. The products I was sent by the latented duo behind Lodestone & Lady's Mantle is one such example.

They provided me with a plethora of oils and a couple of powders. Before I agreed to a review, I checked out their website to check their credentials. I was (am and) impressed by their motto of: "We're not out to make it rich. We're out to make it Right" and a front page statement of "We are magical practitioners. We know high standards in equipment & supplies.
We offer you no less than the very tools & ingredients we use ourselves."

Their products use organic and ethically wild-crafted herbs whenever available. They specifically note non-organic products as "culitaved without chemicals" which is still a huge improvement over an unknown source. They follow classic, reliable, formulae.

I was deeply amused by their online offerings of 'Steal this Book of Shadows' and wisdom from 45 years of magickal workings. They offer a lot, even to casual browsers.

Their products, however, are magnificent. My partner and I are in the midst of selling a house, after buying our house for terms that were literally once-in-a-lifetime good for us. As a measure of defense against getting rooked by the system throughout the buying process, I used L&L's Lucky Lodestone oil -- a potent combination of Van Van oil enanced with a lodestone. To sell our old house, we anointed it with Attraction oil as part of our house cleansing ritual. Our new house was blessed with L&L's House Blessing powder and although we were liberaly in our use, we still have some left over (we'll use it at Samhain when we do our annual houseblessing). I gave my girlfriend the Love Attraction oil, and she and her husband have been enjoying a remarkable renaissance in their relationship!

The oils are rich and potent. You can feel the power they carry. The items used to enhance the oils are left in the bottles, so you can see exactly what was used. The powder

Highly recommended.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry
Artists: Ac and Carmin
oils: $8 per 1/2 oz.
powders: $5 per 1/2 oz bag.