The Comfort of Apples is an awesome cook book devoted to apples.  Its 155 pages of unique, wholesome and yummy recipes with apples as a main ingredient. In fact, I have only one real complaint about this book; there are no pictures of the completed recipes! There are a few pictures throughout the book, however it’s mainly of trees and apples. 

The book starts with an introduction to apples and includes a wonderful chart that includes a whole bunch of types of apples, listed alphabetically, many that I’d never heard of before, and tells you what the apples are good for; eating, pies, tarts and so forth. 

The book then goes into different chapters with recipes.  These include:  breakfast, snacks/ sandwiches/ salads, appetizers, meat/poultry, fish, pasta, sides, dessert, sauces/condiments and cocktails.  The joy of these recipes are that many of them are things one would never think to use apples for such as slaws and a cauliflower-apple puree.

The Rubins also include “notes” in the various chapters that include information on different ways of preparing apples such as pies and ciders.  These provide wonderful information to help a person use apples and understand their uses in a variety of ways. 

All in all, I’m glad to have this cookbook around.  It can show you so many different ways to use apples that you’d never think of before, which is awesome as apples are typically very affordable and they’re so very healthy.

I highly recommend this book!!

~review by Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Philip and Lauren Rubin
Lyons Press, 2010
pp. 168, $19.95