Rivka Simmons teaches stress reduction and meditation workshops in the greater Boston Area. She has studied and practiced meditation since 1987, and is also a psychotherapist. Her CD has four meditations, each 15 minutes in length, and they cover mindfulness, muscle relaxation and body scanning relaxation.


I was impressed with this CD because of its simplicity and effectiveness.


There is no sound or music accompanying these meditations. Ms. Simmons’ narration is very clear, very concise and very soothing, and in my opinion, music and background sounds would detract from the effectiveness of these meditations. Her precise and simple instructions guide you through the meditations. If you’re a beginner trying to establish a meditation practice, and have been baffled by what to do, or what to expect, try this CD. I wish I would’ve had this CD when I began meditating, it would’ve saved me a lot of frustration.


Whether you listen to each meditation individually, or can spend an hour and enjoy the entire CD, you’ll experience the benefits of meditating and gain confidence in your ability to meditate and relax.


~review by Karen Phillippi

Artist: Rivka Simmons

Floating Records, 2003

60 minutes, $16.50