Beyond the North Wind covers the ancient and mysterious Northern civilizations. The book touches on the topics of Vikings, runes, Norse, Greek and all things of “The North”.

This was not a light read. The writer’s use of language takes some time to absorb and at times re-read sections. The book is written more like you would expect of a textbook from a college course and is packed to the brim with knowledge.

Author Christopher McIntosh explores not just the geographical landscape but also the myths and legends of the North. Examples of history, weather, lifestyles and beliefs are intertwined throughout. The chapters look at the evidence for migration from the North, the Nordic World and its legacy, runes, Vikings, Iceland, the Old Gods, Russian Hyperboreanism and more. At the back there is an appendix to help with who is who in the mythology as well as Bibliography.

It’s difficult to dissect the book for a review with so much information and history. If you like to dive deep down the rabbit hole, this is the book for you. Bring your highlighters and notebook if you plan to take the journey with this Beyond the North Wind. Readers will feel well educated in all things "The North" after reading.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Christopher McIntosh
Weiser Books, 2019
pp. 256, $18.95