365 Prescriptions for the Soul is an almanac written by a physician who penned this book as “a guide and a resource for navigating the troubled waters and daily challenges of life.”

Written in a prescription-like format instead of in the more traditional a daily calendar, this book has no page numbers, nor does it have months or dates.  Each page is designed like a physician’s prescription pad, which is eye catching and innovative, and each prescription is theme related. 

Each page begins with a quote from a famous poet, philosopher or religious leader. The body of the prescription is a short inspirational article often written in the first person, in which the author provides his personal insights. The bottom of each prescription offers advice that relates to the day’s theme in the form of Solutions for the Day.

For example, prescription #156’s theme is Ocean.  The day’s lesson begins with a quote from Aristotle.  Dr. Bernie then talks about his morning contemplation of the power and tranquility of the ocean scene before him.  The solution he offers afterward is to “stand, watch and listen to the rhythms of life the ocean displays.”

365 Prescriptions for the Soul is a nice daily devotional that contains messages of hope, courage, warmth, wisdom and humor.  It is slanted more for a Christian audience but it is not fundamentalist in scope. Anyone who picks up this book regardless of faith will find something of value within the pages.  Recommended.

~review by Patricia Snodgrass

Author: Bernie S. Siegel
New World Library, 2004
pp. 365, $14.95