Although I am skeptical about the concept of channeling, and Creating Money is a allegedly channeled by two beings called DaBen and Orin, I did, however, find the information in the book compelling. Creating Money as the reader must have surely already guessed, is about how to acquire wealth, keeping and maintaining your finances by using the methods outlined in the text. Within this book the reader will find instructions affirmations, guided meditations and workbook pages to help you get money and keep your finances in order.

The first section of the book outlines how to begin practicing abundance through a series of affirmations and guided meditations and finishing up with a set of exercises at the end of each chapter. This section opens the reader up to the concept of abundance and instructs him or her on how to rid themselves of negative attitudes or preprogrammed thoughts and ideas about money and wealth. From there, the book instructs the reader on how to decide exactly what he or she wants and how to go about getting it through visualizations and affirmations. This technique also involves magnetizing things as well as people to work with the reader in order to obtain his or her desires. 

The second section cranks things up a notch by teaching the reader how to master his or her finances.  This section details how to transform beliefs, allowing for access to abundance, and finding, trusting and then finally allowing one’s inner guidance to instruct the reader on how to obtain wealth and how to keep it.  These chapters encourage the reader to let go of impractical or negative ideas about money and teaches instead to trust his or her instincts and the Divine to allow money to flow effortlessly.

The third section involves creating your life’s work.  It teaches the reader how to find his or hers ideal work and shows how to get it. Once the reader has discovered his or her life’s work, further exercises and meditations are used to allow wealth to flow.  It teaches how to trust one’s instincts and how to progress along the path of abundance by accepting and moving onto one’s higher path.  Most of all it teaches the reader how to trust and believe in his or herself.

The fourth section explains how to deal with wealth once the reader accrues it.  This section is about honoring his or her value and worth, enjoying  and appreciating abundance.  It ends with gentle instructions on how to give wisely and charitably to others and of course, to save as well.

Again, I don’t believe much in channeling but I do admit this is a good book, with practical down to earth advice, excellent information and great meditations and exercises designed to make the most of one’s financial needs.  The text is in common easy to read language and the affirmations are easy to do. Even the play sheets are fun and hold a wealth of information of their own. I do highly recommend Creating Money.  It might not turn someone into the next Donald Trump, but can help the reader make the most of any financial opportunity that comes along.


~review by Patricia Snodgrass

Authors: Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

New World Library, 2008

pp. 271 , $13.95