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Keith published his ‘paradoxical commandments’ back in the late 1960s and then went on to live his life. But as with all great truths, the Paradoxical Commandments kept getting handed on and discussed and increasingly popular until Keith found himself answering the question ‘how do I live my life by them?’ over and over again. Do It Anyway is his answer.


I think the author describes this book perfectly:

“The book includes 40 stories from people I know personally who live the Paradoxical Commandments each day. They include a school teacher, a housing developer, a retired Navy captain, a college president, a YMCA leader, a jeweler, an occupational therapist, the CEO of a non-profit organization, a businessman, a college professor, a pineapple plantation worker, an Army sergeant, a pastor, a nurse, and a financial adviser. By quietly living the Paradoxical Commandments, they find personal meaning and deep happiness, even when times are tough.”


I found the writing style blunt and straightforward – there are not a lot of extraneous words here. Just data and direction. Keith emphasizes that finding a sense of personal relevance and deep happiness is possible even in this chaotic world or in difficult circumstances. For him it is a matter of acknowledging that it is tough, but you – you guessed it – Do it Anyway. His foundation is personal responsibility, you can not change how or what others say and do, but you can absolutely choose to act, react or not in every single encounter.


This is not a preachy book: Keith offers a series of questions with each Paradoxical Commandment that you can ask yourself or use in discussion groups to dig deeper into your true feelings and perspective on the situation.


Highly recommended.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry


Author: Kent M. Keith

New World Library, 200

pp. 198, $12.95