My grandfather had a series of strokes over more than a decade, and I watched him recover from each one. In watching him I learned, at a very young age, how much one's attitude plays a part in recovering. Knowing that, at such a young age (I was not even an adolescent when he had his first stroke) made a large differnece in how I've dealt with the dark times in my life.

Shapiro's Healing Into Possibility is base don the best of all teachers: personal experience. The author suffered two debilitating, almost fatal, strokes. Writing with, at times excruciating, honesty and clarity, we join her on her journey through the pain she suffers and into healing.

This is not a fearful tale of suffering; there is learning here and teachings that will help anyone of us deal with the adversities of life.

I've spent the last year dealing with the transformational journey of cancer, and experienced many of the lessons Shapiro describes so eloquently. The primary one? When life is hard, we must deal with it. When we take care of ourselves, our intimate interconnectedness means we are taking care of others as well. Like Shapiro I had to learn how much of a place I occupy in other's hearts. It was enlightening, and humbling.

If you have any interest in personal growth, I highly recommend this book.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Alison Bonds Shapiro
New World Books, 2010
pp. 214, $14.95