Ritual Tools


This is a short, but sweet book which contains excellent advice on how to think like a millionaire. When you read this book, you might think the advice is common sense, but if so, you might also ask yourself why you’re not following common sense. The authors explain, in a clear and concise manner how to set goals, how to use positive affirmations, how to change the way you think about wealth, and how important it is to stay on track with your goals.


I particularly liked the exercises at the end of each chapter. They are easy exercises to do and can help the reader apply the concepts in the book to their lives, with practical changes bound to occur. The only quibble I can say about this book is that it is similar to the profusion of other books that try and teach people how to think their way to being rich. Even with that said it’s not remotely new-agey and is, in my opinion, much more approachable in its subject matter than a lot of the other books out there.


Five dollar signs out of five.


~reviewed by Taylor Ellwood

Authors: Mark Fisher and Marc Allen

New World Library, 2008

pp. 120, $12.95