This book proposes to teach the ‘Art of Spiritual Surrender’ as a method of improving all areas of one’s life. The author attempts to do this by telling her own life story and also by including in the book, anecdotes written by other people about their lives.


Ms. Cordova has her own concept of spiritual surrender based on belief in a Higher Power and although she makes a distinction between spiritual surrender and deity surrender, the difference is marginal. Fully half of the book is about surrendering to god everything from control of one’s life, ambition, feelings, goals and all of one’s problems. In her own words, “One must trust that this power wants only good for you.”


The author uses an overabundance of New Age catchy phrases and Bible quotes along with the theme, ‘love cures all.’ She also does the usual ego bashing that has become popular these days, even labeling her own sense of practicality and deductive reasoning, ‘ego.’ Which, of course, she insists must be surrendered.


A good share of the book is repetitive. Even so, it took me longer to read than I expected it to, simply because I had to force myself to pick it up each time, with the knowing that I was just going to be reading more of the same old same old.  I believe that Ms. Cordova could have made her point in less than half the pages in this book.


~review by Jae

Author: Kathy Cordova

Conari Press, 2003

pp. 202, $14.95