Let It Go, a self-help book on a metaphysical trolley-track, encourages readers to overcome destructive behavior patterns through the disposal of paper according to Wiccan elemental associations. The front cover has a scissors line running up the front cover, giving the reader fair warning before opening the book that the author expects PARTICIPATION. Despite the surface silliness, this book plunges into the hard-to-digest topics of handling negative emotion responsibly, and leads the reader through identifying emotional conditions and overcoming their limitations in a metaphysical – and physical – manner. Red Wheel/Weiser sneaks this magic based self-help book onto the shelves between more mainstream brethren, squashing it between titles such as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Mars and Venus on a Date. A non-initiate might pick up this cute little book on a lark, missing the truth of the treasure in a small package. Considering the publisher and the seriousness of the topic, this book is literally and figuratively light. Arettam presents diving into the negative psyche with such humor that only a magician can spot the shadow-work in the pocket-size package. Arettam dives deep while illuminating the soul: she looks into the negative self without trying to spare a reader’s sensibilities. She offers a perfect study in banishing, from within-to-without. She does not reveal her metaphysical hand until the “dirty work” must begin: most readers will wind up understanding the ideas behind occult principles. Arettam gives a deft feeding of such intellectual Brussels sprouts.  Let It Go sneaks excellent information into a palatable package. Opening the cover revealed a pleasant surprise: the only reservation on recommending this book stems from its cover price. Few readers can justify spending $16.00 on a book they intend to cut to pieces. ~review by Diana Rajchelby Joanna ArettamRed Wheel/Weiser, pp. 92, $16.00