Light of the Force is a definitive text relating to Jedi Realism. Written by Jedi Elder J.A. Michaels, the author draws on the philosophy of the Jedi as described by George Lucas in his Star Wars saga.

The Force is not a new concept, but rather an ancient one, one that has been known under different terms from different cultures. Tao, Chi, Prana, Magic; all are words that are used that attempt to define the Force, that enigmatic, sentient energy that is ancient and barely comprehensible, yet is a part of us all. The author gives brilliant insight into the way of the Forcist, how the Jedi Realist path works, how the Force works within the structure of our lives, and how to find true balance and peace. 

Meditation is one of the key ways to connect with the Force, and Michaels provides the seeker with guided meditations, void and celestial practices that are highly effective and simple to do. There are mantras, such as the Mantra of the Guardian of the Whills, “the Force is with me and I am one with the Force.”  and more traditional mantras such as “Om Mani Padme Hum.” There is discussions of various mudras, the inner temple, breath work and affirmations. Simple Force practices focus on self healing, sensing and shielding.

One of the things that impressed upon me so much was the section called the Thirty Three stones of the Force. It's a portion of the text that guides the seeker to each stone or idea that the Force appears in one's life. Each stone will instruct you, test you, challenge you, stretch your will, but once you complete the stones, the seeker will be stronger for it. However, one never finishes the stones. The Force will send the seeker through the gauntlet over and over, and not necessarily in this order.

The Jedi Path is a hard one. But it is a rewarding one.

For those of us who enjoy Marital Arts, there are sections for training as well. The author has his own martial arts website, where he instructs us on Jedi combat arts. The book also gives instructions on how to create our first staff,how to charge it with energy, as well as teaches us how to manipulate the Force in a practical and highly effective way that enhances our martial arts practice. 

This is my go-to text for all things Jedi realist. It is filled with wisdom, insight, instruction and compassion, and contains far more than I could place in this simple review. It is the best text on the market for learning the Jedi Realist Path and I read it daily to enhance my understanding and practice as a Forcist. Each time I read it I discover something new, and I think you will too.

May the Force continue to guide you.

~review by Patricia Snodgrass

Author: J.A. Michaels
Independent Publication, 2023
$14.99, pp. 187