I found that this book came into my life at just the right time. It’s an excellent book, which provides readers an opportunity to discover what will help them live a luminous life. By luminous the author means a life filled with quality. The goal of the exercises and concepts is to help the reader determine what will allow him or her to lead a luminous life, by providing techniques that the reader can use to understand what holds him or her back from making decisions.

One of my favorite exercises was the monkey mind exercise. The monkey mind is basically the automatic reactions and responses we come up with when we want to discourage ourselves from making a mistake. The author provides a list of common monkey mind discouragements and has the reader pick which ones apply to him or her. The author then has the reader write about a situation s/he wants to manifest in her life and compare the monkey mind symptoms with the writing. I found this exercise to be quite illuminating.

This book is full of similar exercises, all designed to help you achieve clarity and from that find luminosity in your life. Take your time working through the exercises, because they will challenge you and you will want some time to process what you’re learning.

This book is also an excellent book for aspiring or current life coaches. It will give you some helpful techniques that you can use to make your life coaching practice luminous for the people who come to you.

5 out of 5 pentacles. 

~review by Taylor Ellwood

Author: Maria Nemeth

New World Library, 2007

pp. 239, $15.95