If you are looking for a book describing methods of cognitive psychology or developing your intuition, this is not the book you want. What to Do When You Can't Decide is a very detailed look at a variety of divinatory techniques for making decisions.

Muscle-Testing, pendling, dowsing, and chits are the techniques outlined. Lundstrom does a fairly good job of writing about these techniques, but suffers from a lack of photos and drawings. Pendling is easy enough to use without pictures, but I don't feel comfortable enough to use muscle testing after reading her chapter on it. Intrigued enough to learn more, yes, but she is not my teacher for this subject. Aside from pendling, the section on dowsing seemed the most well-described.

This is not magic, these techniques are another pathway to link the conscious and unconscious minds. In doing so, we create deeper understanding of the choices before us and our wishes in the given situation. I appreciated the author's advice to keep a journal of the answers recived from the various methods -- it's the best way to learn what methodology works best in a given situation.

As always, divining requires self-honesty and focus. Lundstrom does a good job of detailing many aspects of these forms of divination.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Meg Lundstrom
Sounds True, 2010
pp. 306, $16.95