Eileen Troemel is a prolific author in numerous genres. While most of her work seems to be in genre fiction (science fiction and fantasy primarily), "Moments in Life" is her third volume of poetry following "Moments in Nature" and "Moments in Spirit." After a tour through her poetry it's no wonder she is as prolific as she is - she's lived a lot of life and needs the outlet.

Stylistically, Ms. Troemel likes to dabble in numerous forms of poetry, and while some of her work has a homespun quality to it she is has an authentic voice and a gift for reflection. Some of her work, like the lighter "Hiding in the Stall", reads so much like song lyrics that by the end of it you practically have the tune worked out in your head. Other pieces, like the more contemplative "Wild Child", are more likely to leave your mind quiet and reflective. Not a bad trick, getting both results (and many others) in the same slim volume.

This is a lovely addition to the collection of readers and lovers of poetry. I can't really endorse it as one's first such purchase, though - the author skips about the landscape of poetry lithely and expects that her readers will keep up. If you can keep up, though, you should enjoy the journey.
~review by Patricia Mullen

Author: Eileen Troemel
Stone Publishing, 2014
p. 119, $16.95