Jon G. Hughes gives readers a frank, informational and not erotic look at traditional Druidic sex magic.  In Sexual Practices of the Druids; A Handbook of Magic and Ritual Hughes shares the tradition he was raised in, giving background information of his Druidic tradition and explains not only about the sexual practices, but also the place those practices have within Druidry.  In the beginning of the book, Hughes ensures to detail safety practices, from consent to being clean.  He then goes into how one prepares for doing sex magic, from gathering spellwork items to finding an appropriate location. 

I found this book to be quite secular, refreshing for this modern reader; being able to supplant my own beliefs and ideas in regards to any Divine presence.  Hughes pulls the reader into a way of spiritual life rarely seen any more and gives a factual yet passionate introduction.  With chapters such as "The Role of Emotion in Sex Magic," "The Preparation of the Spell or Incantation," and "Personal Preparation" anyone who reads this book will be able to go on and use Druidic style sex magic in their own personal practices.

This is one of the best spellworking books I have ever read, despite its rather specific subject, and I highly recommend it to any adult, experienced magical practitioner interested in sex magic and/or Druidry.

~review by Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Jon G. Hughes
Destiny Books, 2001; 2013
pp. 227; $16.95