Including short stories, tips, ideas, images and so much more, Becoming Nature by Tamarack Song is a lovely book to help the reader get better in touch with nature.  Though quite wordy, this is a captivating book that can help anyone become more attuned to the voices of nature both plant and animal.  Furthermore this book is written so anyone of any belief system, or lack thereof, can read it and use what's included.

Becoming Nature is separated not into chapters but into steps.  I find this a nice departure from chapters, though the difference is only nomenclature.  Having the book organized into steps does put a gentle insistence that the reader must go in order, and though I feel that starting with step 1 is necessary, I found that one can skip around with the rest of the steps.  Some of the steps included are; energize and attune your senses, be where the magic happens, to touch an animal, the time-media trap and awakening the animal mind. 

I have to say that I love there is a small section on those who live in urban centers in the Energize and Awaken Your Senses step.  However, it was indeed very short; I really wish it would have been a larger section.  Many people cannot get to true wilderness nowadays and so it would have been very nice had Song been a bit more inclusive to those who cannot get away from cities.  While this indeed is a nature book, there are many animals and plants in cities and I feel they should not be neglected. 

Becoming Nature also includes things such as instructions on canoeing, certain exercises, stretching and even special ways of walking.  Some of these are actually kind of cool, however please ensure that you do your due diligence to ensure your safety and health.  Also, please do check with your health care professional before engaging in any new exercise and/or physical activity routine.

Song organized this book quite well.  At the end there are indices for both stories and exercises, notes, a glossary as well as a bibliography and a general index of subjects.  In the end I do recommend this book if you are interested in this subject, but with reservations.  Read with care and always ensure safety. 

~ Reviewed by: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Tamarack Song
292ppg; $18.00
2016; Inner Traditions