Never has a book had a more profound and positive impact on my personal spirituality, than Neolithic Shamanism; Spirit Work in the Norse Tradition, by Raven Kaldera and Galina Krasskova. In Neolithic Shamanism, the authors go into aspects of Norse spirituality typically not seen or talked about in modern forums.  Rather than going into working with Norse deities, Kaldera and Krasskova go into working with ancestral spirits, nature spirits and other spirits and elementals. 

One of my favorite things about this book is the organization of it.  The authors separated the book into chapters for each of the 9 worlds based on the 9 worlds seen on Yggdrasil and titled them colors for each subject, such as silver for moon, blue for water and grey for craft.  They do also have a chapter for earth, called The Beginning Place, where they talk about grounding and centering, about respecting the land you live on, and so forth. They also include a preface on how to use this book and an introduction organized in a question and answer format that is really quite helpful.  Lastly, in each chapter you hear directly from the authors themselves, as they tell stories about their own personal work with the spirit/elemental which really brings a personal touch that lasts the entirety of the book.

All in all, this is a book I cherish above almost all others.  It brings forth aspects of Norse spirituality most don't see, and gives information about it you really can't find anywhere else.  If you have any interest in Norse spirituality, I cannot recommend this book enough or more highly.  Highly, highly recommend.  This is a must read.

~review by Jessica Elizabeth

Authors: Raven Kaldera & Galina Krassova
Destiny Books, 2012
342 ppg, $18.95