Death. It’s the one thing no one can escape. It comes for us all. Perhaps that is why we have such a fear of dying and death. Death is often treated as a taboo subject. However it is natural and a part of the life cycle. We do not need to fear death or avoid talking about it. When the body dies, our energy just transitions. Sometimes our energy or spirit needs a little help passing over to the next realm. Deathwalking, is the term used to help the soul cross over. In the book Shamanic Pathways -- Deathwalking, this topic is explored by a collection of experts from various traditions and how they help the recently deceased.

The book has a great introduction before the reader gets started into the anthology of essays. The book explains a little bit about what a shaman’s role is and how it relates to death. Even if the reader is new to Shamanism, the book gives a great glimpse into their world and how they assist even in our modern-day world.

The role of the Deathwalker (also known as a psychopomp) enters the spiritual middle world while in trance and provides an escort to the lost spirit. They help the dead cross over to the light or the other side. This book offers various types and experiences of Deathwalking. The writers cover children in the role, reluctant spirits, Hindu last rites, Celtic traditions, and even ends with a chapter of how not to do it. This is a great anthology for those wanting a taste of the information. There are many books on the subject that are more in depth and dive deeper in the shaman world.

The book is a short read at only 72 pages but I really enjoyed it, especially as someone who has a calling a shaman roots in my daily practice.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Laura Perry
Moon Books, 2018
pp. 72, $10.95