This a good primer on techniques to blend Reiki with shamanic healing. The intended audience is those who do healing, who use Reiki and who have hands on experience. You won't find client's personal stories of healing because the focus is on how to improve your healing practice. Having some personal healing experience is definitely helpful. If you haven't completed at least Reiki level I, you won't be able to do these exercises. The authors describe working with their own clients and then offer variations depending on your skill level.

The beginning chapters introduce more basic concepts like how to remove or transform intrusions. The later chapters are more advanced covering shapeshifting, time travel to prevent soul loss and past lives. The end of the book covers ideas for running group healing circles and how to make comfortable spaces to work with clients. This is good material. You might not want to use or agree with every concept. I talked to one practitioner about preventing soul loss. The feeling was why do time travel to prevent something that happened for a reason when you can heal in the here and now. Others would disagree. The authors suggest you follow your own intuition and make changes as you see fit. Shamanic practices vary so they don't claim to have the one right way to do things. The idea is take what works for you into your healing basket, skip what doesn't.

Llyn Roberts and Robert Levy bring a wealth of experience from years of healing practice with clients. I appreciate how they provide different instructions depending on the level of the Reiki practitioner. It is not assumed that the reader is an expert in shamanism either. The book strikes a nice balance between information needed for people who are new to the path and ideas for those who have worked with one or both modalities for some time.

Highly recommended for Reiki and shamanic practitioners

~review by Larissa Carlson

Authors: Llyn Roberts and Robert Levy
O Books, 2007   
pp. 180, $19.95