Rolling Thunder (1916-1997) was a celebrated and controversial Native American medicine man known for his remarkable healings and for his ability to call on the forces of Nature, typically in the form of thunder clouds. Rolling Thunder was a passionate activist who worked to trigger social change on behalf of Native American tribes. Sought after as a lecturer and workshop leader, he used the money he earned from teaching to construct Meta Tantay, a community in the Nevada desert. The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder is edited by his grandson (Jones) and longtime friend (Krippner) and offers a collection of reminiscences from those who encountered Rolling Thunder throughout his life.

Through these accounts, the reader is shown Rolling Thunder’s inspiring impact on men and women now devoted in service to humankind and the Earth and read stories both insightful and humorous from friends that prove his climate change predictions true. Revealing his trickster teachings, his legendary shamanic powers, his devotion to the Earth, and how his impact did not stop with his death, these stories of Rolling Thunder from a variety of sources demonstrate how transformation can come even while walking gently on the Earth.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Editor: Sidian Morning Star Jones and Stanly Krippner
Bear & Co, 2016
pp. 208, $16