This lavishly illustrated book promises spells “steeped in ancient wisdom with . . . an emphasis on maximum manifestation in the least amount of time” and largely succeeds over its eight chapters of information.

The introductory chapters (Introduction and The Witch’s Toolkit) provide the reader with the foundation materials needed to get started. Chapter one dives right on with spells relating to the sun and moon along with some information about astrological correspondences. Chapter two focuses on spells for a single practitioner and leads nicely into the third chapter, which focuses on community and celebrating special occasions with others. Chapters four, five and six offer a range of spells in the three most common areas of need: healing, money, and love. Chapter seven looks at using crystals to power your magic, and the final chapter (eight) guides the reader through a variety of ways to make each day sacred.

Greenleaf is also the author of the popular The Witches’ Spell Book series (Running Press) and (under a different name) has a long career in writing, all of which shows in how easily the prose reads and how clearly organized each chapter is in presenting the material. Each spell is clearly explained with notes about what is needed and when the ideal time to work the magic. That said, as much as I enjoyed the material in the section on crystals, its placement felt like an afterthought rather having a logical place in the overall structure. I wouldn’t call this a book specifically for Wiccans, many witches from different backgrounds will find the knowledge useful. My last criticism is that I’m not sure how ‘rapid’ the magickal workings are: most require several components (such as herbs, stones, or oils)

Sun Moon Spell
Many of us have jobs, relationships, hobbies, children to raise, friendships, houses to clean, classes to take, beautiful things to Instagram and much more How do you incorporate your spiritual practice into a very busy life? Solo spells can be done when it works for you. First thing in the morning and last rite of the night are prayerful times to perform these spells. If you can only do spells on occasion, I suggest New Moon and Full Moon. Light a candle that will conjure the energy you desire in your life and hold it in your hand as you say aloud:

Daughters under this sun
Sisters under this moon
On this day, we receive your blessings
Sun God, bold and bright
Moon Goddess great and good—
We thank you for the days to come.
Harm to none, blessings to all.

Place the candle on your altar and let it burn for at least five minutes. When you tamp out the candle flame, visualize the blessings to come.

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~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Cerridwen Greenleaf
CICO Press, 2019
144 pgs; $19.95