A unique and refreshing take on the Wheel of the Year, Arc of the Goddess by Rachel Patterson and Tracy Roberts is an invigorating read anyone can enjoy.  Patterson and Roberts have taken the traditional Wheel of the Year and created a version which centers around Goddesses.  Organized in a somewhat encyclopedic format, this book is great for anyone, regardless of experience, who wants to view the Wheel in a different light. 

Arc of the Goddess begins with a short summary, explaining the book as well as going thru simple correspondences with archetypes for each month (for example, August is the Matriarch). The book then immediately goes into the chapters, one for each month as well as a final chapter called The Goddess Within which is a few pages discussing ways to incorporate all you have learned into your daily life. 

The chapters for each month have several pages including loads of information.  The chapters start with a couple paragraphs with general information and then it goes several goddesses whom the authors feel correspond with the month.  After that there's other information including various holy days in the month, meditations, spell work, oils and incenses, recipes and so forth. 

Patterson and Roberts have given us a lovely book, full of information yet not a difficult read.  It's suitable for practitioners of any experience level and does not require one to be of a certain magical path; the way it's worded fully allows the reader to merge these ideas into their own personal practice.  Furthermore, while this is all about goddesses, persons of any gender can enjoy and get a lot from this book.  Highly recommended!

~jeview by Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Rachel Patterson & Tracey Roberts
Moon Books; 2016
255ppg; $21.95