I have enjoyed a number of Jane Meredith's books over the years, most especially Journey to the Dark Goddess and Aphrodite's Magic so when I had a chance to review her latest, I was immediately interested.

Aspecting the Goddess: Drawing Down the Divine Feminine is a joy to read and offers a huge amount of information for connecting with the Divine in a very literal way. While some may be put off by the focus on the feminine divine, this is primarily through personal stories and experiences shared, as well as through the myths Meredith shares. The techniques themselves provide a way to contact any Divine being, no matter the gender.

Aspecting -- which many call 'drawing down' -- is an advanced skill that requires a great deal of training. Drawing Down invites a specific Deity to merge int our mind and body so that we can partake of Their essence directly. Meredith defines aspecting as “a very technical and controlled yet ecstatic ritual practice . . . of inviting a deity to partially inhabit a human being, within ritual, for a specified length of time, for a particular purpose or intention... It’s an experience rather than a belief!”

Meredith offers a training program broken down into six areas: walking with the Goddess, researching Her, dedicating to the Goddess, presencing Her, enacting myths, and aspecting itself. Twelve Goddesses are presented: Persephone, Bloduewedd, Isis, Mary, Aphrodite, Ereshkigal, Nepthys, Freyja, Ariadne, Inanna, Eve, and the Star Goddess. It's a creative collection, rich with information and relevance.

Aspecting the Goddess is a wonderful book. There is wisdom here, and clear guidance from someone who has walked this path numerous times and offers her guidance to those of us coming along after.

Highly recommended!

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Jane Meredith
Moon Books, 2018
328 pages, $23.95