They say you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, however this colorful flirty design captured me immediately. The whimsical design is a great indicator of the love found within the pages. The book brought me back to the teenager days of finding your true love, compatibility quizzes, and other ways to find your love match.

This magical matchmaking book is broken down into a few different types of tools to find love. The first section covers Numerology. Numbers have always played a role in the mystic arts since ancient times. From the moment and time you were born, numerology will help define your personality as well as your path. If math and numbers confuse you, don’t worry! Author Mary Shannon will explain how they work and how you can use numerology to find a compatible partner. This is also a handy guide to have on your shelf to use again and again.

Next up is Palmistry. This ancient form of divinity has been used to tell your past, present and potential future. The lines on your hand provide a roadmap of your life and all the potential possibilities. If you are new to palmistry, the book does an excellent job of explaining the six major lines and the interpretations. This section provides detailed information as well as images so you can read the palm yourself. It is so well detailed that even a novice will feel confident after reading to interpret themselves.

If you have ever been asked, “What’s your sign?” that is Astrology. We have used Astrology as a tool for centuries. The book defines it as, ‘the belief that the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the time of your birth impact your life through energy shifts that mold your personality, influence your romantic relationships, and forecast your future.’

Astrology is probably one of the better known methods used to determine your compatibility with a partner. Again if you are just learning about astrology, the book does an in-depth coverage no matter what your level of knowledge in the subject. As a side personal note, it does validate that an Aries (which is what I am) and an Aquarius (which is what my husband of 19 years of marriage and counting, is) is a good match!

The book wouldn’t be complete without the Spells section. Keep in mind, these aren’t written to make someone fall in love with you. Rather the spells are for setting intentions and attracting love to you. This chapter covers how to set intentions, create sacred space, cleansing tools, grounding and other basics to get you started. The book also covers best days, times, colors etc for your spells.

There is also a portion dedicated to love deities and how to work with them to set your intentions. The author provides a bit of background on the deity but also a ritual to use as well. This chapter also has other fun spells, talismans, and other things you can try for love!

I loved this book. Even though, I have already found my soulmate, it’s a fun read and has all sorts of magical ways to attract love.
~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Mary Shannon
Adams Media, 2020
pp. 256, $14.99