Cord Magic is a simple but highly effective text that provides the beginner everything they need to know about fiber magic. The author's writing style is friendly and welcoming. Her instructions are easy to understand and follow. I especially love the worksheets and exercises dispersed throughout the text, as they are simple and effective, and make excellent templates for either a journal or a knot work Book of Shadows.

Williams introduces us to the basics of knot making, beginning with old fashioned measuring techniques such as using your measuring an inch by the thumb, a span is a measure between the thumb and little finger, etc. And there are worksheets provided for this exercise. Personally, I prefer use using a tape measure; being Virgo, I prefer more accurate measurements. There are also other basic practices mentioned; building an altar, blessing the cords, and twisting cords or string by one to three people.

Williams discusses the disciplines of numerology, astrology, color theory, and the use of various types of fibers in an easy to understand and meaningful fashion. For instance, she addresses traditional numerology, as well as how one can use their own interpretations of numbers to create an effective knot spell. Worksheets are provided to explore their own interpretations of both numbers as well as color. Again, I am a traditionalist when it comes to certain things, so I used traditional numerological interpretations for my own knot work. But for the adventurous among us, Williams shows us how to use our own interpretations to create effective cord work.

As a fiber artist, I was very impressed with the idea of infusing fiber arts such as knitting, crocheting, macrame or wheat weaving with magical intent. There are also charms, spells and knots for binding and unbinding certain circumstances, for honoring the Sabbats, or for simple everyday things like prosperity, love or protection.  The versatility of cord magic creates endless possibilities.

The author does an outstanding job of making cord magic easy, fun, and effective. Upon reading the first chapters, one can create simple and highly effective magic knots. After finishing the text, anyone who plays with Ms. Williams' techniques will become proficient at knot magic. And yes, it is very much worth the price. I loved this book and it is now my go to text for all things cord magic. I look forward to reading more of her work.

~review by Patricia Snodgrass

Author: Brandy Williams
Llewellyn Publications, 2021
p. $17.99 pp. 261