Whispering voices come to me,          Silvered like leaves on the willow tree          Wafting down lanes in my memory . . . 

With these words, the book begins. As you can see just from this short passage, Craft of the Wild Witch is not a dry manual full of how-to’s, but a poetic guidebook leading the reader on a rich journey towards understanding the lyricism, beauty, and essence of nature. 


There exist many types of witchcraft. For those of us who feel the draw of nature, not just in passing, but down in the depths of our soul, the ways of the wild witch are our calling. Keep in mind that wild witchcraft is not something that can be practiced in passing, nor is it something for everyone. Those who are willing to undertake this journey will find a tradition rich in poetic wonder. 


The author shows us that wild witchery is not just playing with herbs and gardening.  It is so much more. It is also not a religion, but a spiritual way of life.  She begins by explaining the Earthwalk, our current incarnation, and how it can be enhanced by wild witchcraft. Much is included about trance journeys including steps, helpful suggestions, and how to move beyond difficulties we may encounter along the way. The reader will also learn about the value and effects of thought forms and spirits we may meet along our journey. 


This is not a book for those who want to jump right in to witchcraft. It requires patience and an understanding that knowledge doesn’t come instantly, but through lengthy practice and self-examination. Craft of the Wild Witch is an invaluable ally for anyone wishing to follow the wildwitch path or even just to get closer to the natural rhythms of life. It will certainly have a place of honor on my bookshelf.


~review by Jennifer Erwin

Author: Poppy Palin
Llewellyn Publications, 2004
pp. 314, $17.95