Answering the Call of the Elementals is a treatise on the hierarchy of elementals and how they want to interact with humans. Told in an autobiographical style, Thomas Mayer describes his encounters with elemental beings such as Christ elementals, various nature spirits, such as dwarfs, giants and angels. From him, we learn how he has become something of an ambassador to these spirits, who wish to reach out to us and be of help, and in turn, they wish for our help as well.
The book is heavily influenced by Christian Mysticism and European folklore. In this text, we learn about Christ energies that appear as elementals that were created by Christ's deeds. Hierarchies of angels are mentioned and how they influence the fabric of reality. And he talks about his interaction with elementals that we are all familiar with; nymphs, sylphs, fairies, gnomes and elves. Finally, he discusses personal elementals that are attached to humans and how they can be used as healers.

I did find the book fun and engaging. However, I was disappointed that Mayer did not give the reader any concrete instructions on how to see these beings or how to interact with them.  The text contains a few vague instructions on meditation, greeting and speaking to elementals as well as letting go of our bias in order to interact with them. Aside from that, there's really not much to go on. Of course, the seeker can use the information that is provided to begin a practice of their own.

I hope in the future Mayer creates a companion workbook in order to give specific instructions on how to establish a truly meaningful connection with elementals so we can work with them in a profound manner, as well as be able to assist them when they need our help.

It's a fun and interesting introduction to the elementals and is well worth reading. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but my Virgo nature just wanted more than what was given. I look forward to reading more of his future works.

~review by Patricia Snodgrass

Author: Thomas Mayer
Findhorn Press, 2021
p. $16.38 pp. 158