The author's name is enough. You don't even have to question if it's a good book. You already know. There are certain classic authors. In astrology it's Robert Hand and Steven Forrest, the Wiccan, Shamanic and Magical worlds had Scott Cunningham and DJ Conway. Sadly, DJ passed on to Summerland in Feb. of 2019. but her books live on. She was a prolific writer whose works include classics like Dancing With Dragons and Celtic Magick. This is another one.

Comprehensive doesn't even come close to describing this tasty treat of a book. Actually, it's more like meat and potatoes. It's a reference book, par excellence! Thorough, precise, detailed, you never have to guess if there's anything more to be said or added to what she gives you. If you can name it,, she's already thought of it.

As the title says, this is about the four elements and the elementals that go along with them. Every element has a corresponding power animal, entity, herb, stone, oil, incense, incantation and spell, candle color, time of year, direction and not-so-nice entity. The list goes on and on. Most people are familiar with the four elements of fire, earth, air and water and Conway describes their characteristics and lists the corresponding items and animals, a spell along with the magical uses of the energy and a meditation. Conway also introduces the element of spirit and its elemental spirits along with the archangels of the five elements. Another new concept is crop circles and the elementals.

As author Gabriela Herstik says in her foreword, "Whether you want to meditate with the sylphs, work with fire elementals for spiritual growth, or break karmic ties, there is something for every magician, mystic,alchemist or Shaman in this book. This book is the yellow brick road."

~review by Judy Blackstone

Author: DJ Conway
Weiser Books/Red Wheel Weiser, 2020
226 pp., $16.95