I greatly enjoyed Ms. Morrison’s earlier book, Everyday Moon Magic, so I was thrilled to receive this companion book. There are many books centering on the moon and the feminine energies present in the universe, but there are so few about the sun and the masculine energies. 


True, within is a large section of spells and rituals, but this is not just a spellbook. Nor is this yet another book about the Sabbats, but instead a book designed to give its readers an entirely new perspective on the sun as well as abundant information about its influence throughout human history. When you pick up this book, don’t skip to the spells in the back. There is a wealth of information in the first half that shouldn’t be missed. The first portion of the book covers the background of the Sun and sun signs and includes such topics as the history and meaning of structures and symbols depicting the sun.


Ms. Morrison’s book shows us that it is not necessary to wait days or even weeks for the proper timing required for our magic workings, but we may instead tap into the energy of the sun which is appropriate at some point every day. The daily phases of the Sun are described in terms of a man’s life: Dawn is the Infant/Young Child Sun, Morning the Adolescent Brother/Lover Sun, Noon the Father Sun, Afternoon the Sage/Warrior Sun, and ending with Sunset as the Grandfather/Sacrificial Sun. It is by this division that the spells are ordered. They all use basic items that most of us either already have or can easily obtain. Of course, her spells are all mixed in with a good dose of common sense!


This is a well crafted book that should be beneficial to anyone, regardless of their level of experience. Everyday Sun Magic is truly a valuable addition to any witch’s library.


~review by Jennifer Erwin

Author: Dorothy Morrison
Llewellyn Publications, 2005
pp. 322, $12.95