What exactly is a guided visualization? Guided imagery and visualization are techniques used to help you visualize mental images that focus the imagination in positive ways. Using meditation, a guided visualization is like guiding a visual daydream. Meditation is typically used before starting a guided visualization as it helps get you into a relaxed state and frame of mind to focus your concentration.

The author explains the terms that have also been used for guided visualizations as:

“You might have heard the terms ‘guided meditation’, ‘guided visualisation’, ‘creative visualisation’, ‘pathworking’ and ‘journeying’ used for experiences using the mind’s eye. They are related and often similar, but have slight differences in meaning. Their purposes and the history of how they developed are also different.”

The author says the book was designed to help the reader know themselves better, find potential solutions to issues, get ideas for creative or artistic projects, attune with the cycles of nature, and increase wisdom.

While many guided visualizations are not exclusive to anything in particular, this book was designed to help trainee witches and spellwork. For those who are new to these visualizations, the author provides some beginner exercises and tips on how to sit comfortably, recommendations for recording the each one prior as well as the proper ways to read and pause to allow for the visuals to happen.

In the first chapter, she covers short sessions to introduce the reader to the techniques first. From then on, the series focuses on such visualizations as the pagan Wheel of the Year, element study, developing psychic powers, creative and artistic ideas, and then ends with how to write and create your own guided visualizations. The book offers various experiences that can be done more than once. I would agree with the author to record them ahead of time before actually beginning. You may also try to find a like-minded partner that can read them for you as well.

I recommend this book for anyone wanting to explore and journey in the spiritual realm for themselves and others. There truly is nothing like the guided visualization experiences.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Lucya Starza
Moon Books, 2021
pp. 83, $10.95