Magickal Progressions is a small miracle of well-written, well-organized, objective writing geared towards genuine magical development. The ways in which this miracle plays out on the page are many. It has a clear program to follow that includes physical exercise, mental exercise, and magical techniques. It points out that an absence of drama is a sign of advancement. The author, Moonsilvered, places importance on doing the exercises – not on being scandalized over approaches that may differ.  


Rarely is it so worth the effort to read a magical beginner’s book cover to cover when you are not a beginner. Usually, these books follow the Wiccan formula: here’s the denial of Satanism, and here are the God and Goddess spelled out in the most generic terms possible. Magickal Progressions has these features, but it speeds past them, away from ceremony and on to the meat of actual practice. There’s that list of Sabbats and a few spells, but the focus remains steadily upon the development of mind, body and spirit in preparation for the changes that magic brings.


Organized around a series of progressions based on physical, mental and emotional control, Moonsilvered presents a complete, workable, flexible study system adaptable to magical pursuits beyond the range usually associated with Wicca. It promises no initiation and encourages the student to find his/her own path; it implies that the author trusts in the intelligence of his or her readers, a rare treat in the days where condescension in certain beginner Wicca books passes for “writing style.” Magickal Progressions takes into account both individuality and the types of conformity required for real discipline to happen.


This book is exceptional not just because of its organization, but because it presents so much subject matter in so few words. One of the biggest problems beginning magic students struggle with is where to begin. Magickal Progressions is one of the few books that lays out the basic skills required in order, from psychological cleansing through basic energy work in a clear path that could prevent the haphazard dilettantism that prevents so many from developing more than a surface knowledge. It also covers areas frequently skipped by other authors, in particular, in-depth study of the elements. This section of Wiccan belief and ritual is often brushed over with little more analysis than what is needed to create poetry for quarter calls. Moonsilvered spends more time than most discussing what these elements are and what they do, so there’s an opportunity for total understanding of what gets called to a magic circle. This completeness of understanding rarely happens after reading one beginner’s book on Wicca.


This book is recommended for those at all levels of practice especially to those who teach Wicca or other non-formal magical systems. It’s an outstanding and reasonably complete program that can be worked easily into other systems of study. Combined with works like Spiritual Mentoring by Judy Harrow and exercises from Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki’s program Your Unseen Power it’s possible to assemble a powerhouse program for magical skill-building. Among books for teachers or for those beginning magical study, Magickal Progressions is one of the most outstanding.


~review by Diana Rajchel

Author: Moonsilvered

Immanion Press, 2008

$19.99, plus shipping