I love that Leslie J. Linder tears down the ugly stereotype of the mousy, unwanted spinster who hides in the corner, and instead sends in your uber cool lesbian aunt who picks you up in her red Ferrari, and after a whirlwind run through the shopping mall, takes you to her apartment, where you and she drink wine, cast spells, and share  secrets at the stroke of midnight.

That's right. Spinstress Craft is your uber-cool aunt, and she's here to take for a ride. She's smart, bold, and sexy, and welcomes you to be these things as well.

Spinstress Craft has everything you expect in a book of magick, and much much more. There are rituals, herbal recipes, spells, journal prompts and meditations. There is also a section on how to heal sexual trauma as well as practices on how to get in touch with your divine sexual self.

The book is very inclusive, welcoming women from all walks of life, including trans women as well as other gender fluid folk. I liked the way she teaches children how to be inclusive and respectful to others, especially when it comes to a person's pronouns.

There are chapters on activism, environmentalism as well as protection and warding spells and rituals. There is a chapter on communication with the ancestors. In that chapter, there is a section which introduces the spinstress on how to do soul repair, which is a way to heal deep seated traumas.

This is such a fun and interesting book that I can read it over and over again and still find more information in it. All the spells and rituals are easy to do and are quite effective. The novice spinstress will love all the fun things to do and the experienced spinstress will find things in it to inspire. Spinstress Craft is an absolute treasure.

~review by Patricia Snodgrass

Author: Leslie J. Linder
Llewellyn Worldwide, 2021
p. $19.95, pp. 282